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Treatment Teams

Treatment Teams

Treatment Teams at Summit Oaks Hospital

The Doctors: Your doctor is a psychiatrist who is the leader of your treatment team and watches over you during your stay. Your doctor is responsible for all treatment orders including medication monitoring.

The Program Therapists: Your program therapist oversees your treatment plan and daily activities and makes arrangements and accommodations to help coordinate care with your family members as deemed appropriate. Your therapist is also responsible for helping you create and develop a safety plan for when you leave us.

The Nurses: Your team of nurses supervise your daily care throughout the program and are responsible for providing education on medications and different health issues. As important members of your treatment team, your nursing team will ensure that all information is shared appropriately.

The Recreation Therapists: The recreation therapist plans fun activities focused on creative Expression and healthy and appropriate social skills.

The Mental Health Associates: Your mental health associate (MHA) works with the nurse in supervising daily activities and performs 15-minute checks to ensure your safety. Your MHA leads various groups and works closely with you to ensure you are continuing to progress throughout your treatment.

The Dietician: Your dietician will meet with you upon your arrival and entry to the program to ensure that the best meal options are selected to meet your needs. Dietary selections are discussed in order to provide healthy and nutritious meal options during your stay.

You and your family: You and your family are the center of your treatment. It is up to you to use the information and skills you learn to improve the way you think and cope with various life situations. Your support network or family will be as involved in your treatment to provide encouragement to help ensure success.

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