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Dear Future Patient

Dear Future Patient

Dear Future Patient

As a part of our Writing Therapy program, we have had former patients write letters to future patients, providing them with encouragement and a first-hand account of treatment with Summit Oaks Hospital. Read some of our Dear Future Patient messages below.

“Dear Future Patient, It’s okay to talk about the things that you hide. Those are the real problems you need to work on. Talk to the nurses, doctors, and mental health associates who are here to help you. You can be yourself.”

“Dear Future Patient, The staff here is amazing. You will find someone who cares about you, and you may just make a few good memories. Have hope that things will get better because they did for me and so many others.”

“Dear Future Patient, This all may seem scary or overwhelming, but just remember we’re all here to get the help we need. You will get through this bump in the road and will leave will nothing by happiness.”

“Dear Future Patient, Here at Summit Oaks, both the staff and your peers are very kind and caring. You will grow and blossom here into the beautiful person you are and want to be. You have an amazing treatment team at your fingertips to make the experience great.”

“Dear Future Patient, The program will allow you to discover ways to cope with life stressors through several types of group meetings. If you’re sincere about your recovery, you can leave Summit Oaks with a fresh start and start living a healthy, happy, and productive life.”

“Dear Future Patient, You’re stronger than you think. Take this day by day. Show your addiction who is boss! Find your fire again and let it motivate you to give yourself a chance. You are worthy and you can make it.”

“Dear Future Patient, Take a moment, take a deep breath, and know that you are not going through this alone. Never stop loving yourself; you are worth the fight.”

“Dear Future Patient, Put your faith into the program and take one day at a time. Pave yourself a new path that leads to a more healthy, safe, and loving journey.”

Summit Oaks Hospital is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

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