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Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
No-cost, confidential assessments can be scheduled 24/7. Summit Oaks Hospital provides quality behavioral health care for children, adolescents, and adults who have been struggling with psychiatric and substance use issues.
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Adult Inpatient Treatment

Summit Oaks Hospital provides acute inpatient treatment for adults facing an acute psychiatric crisis or are in need of detoxification or rehabilitation from alcohol and drugs.

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Adult Outpatient Programs

Summit Oaks Hospital provides both PHP and IOP programs for adults 18 and above. We accept patients who are discharged from our inpatient services and patients needing care from the community.

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Therapeutic Activities

Summit Oaks Hospital provides a host of mental health treatment activities to help patients begin the journey to living a healthy lifestyle, designed to help patients progress through treatment.

Patient Stories

Patient Satisfaction

4.28 / 5
I was treated with dignity and respect
4.50 / 5
I feel better now than when I was admitted
4.25 / 5
Overall I was very satisfied with my treatment

* Data based on patients surveyed between July-December 2023.


Summit Oaks Hospital offers inpatient treatment for children and adolescents ages 5 to 17 with mental health and behavioral health issues. Parents and guardians play a huge role in our adolescent treatment. We encourage family involvement every step of the way to ensure the child’s full recovery.

Our physician-led mental health treatment program addresses children’s entire well-being including medical, psychiatric, social and academic needs. The inpatient treatment program provides a variety of therapies and activities in a secure, comfortable environment. Our goal is to safely stabilize and reunite you and your child as quickly as possible.

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If you are experiencing acute mental health problems, feel in crisis and at risk, Summit Oaks Hospital provides a secure environment, with 24-hour clinical supervision to help and support you. Alternatively, if you have substance use issues that require medically managed detoxification, and need further short-term rehabilitation, we can help you on your way to recovery.

Our adult inpatient programs are comprehensive, therapeutic and intensive. We want to give each patient who walks through our doors for mental health treatment the best service possible during their stay with us. Your care at Summit Oaks is led by our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, masters-level clinicians, certified drug and alcohol and therapeutic counselors who will offer support for you each and every day.

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Summit Oaks Hospital provides a detox program for adults who are abusing alcohol and/or drugs We can provide you with a detoxification that will ease your discomfort, and assist you towards a healthier lifestyle.

We provide a medically managed detoxification and supplement this with a range of therapies. This will be the start of learning new ways of coping with alcohol and drug issues, which leads to a new way of living.

Our substance use program is designed to help you work towards maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. We will assist you in developing the necessary skills for you to live without the need to use drugs or alcohol.

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You have been detoxed. Now what is the next step? Our Rehabilitation Unit is a short-term rehabilitation program that helps you commit to a healthier lifestyle of emotional and physical well-being.

We will help develop what you have already learned, and will assist with additional coping skills, relapse prevention, relaxation skills and ways to manage in your recovery.

Our team of certified specialists and counselors evaluates each patient to provide an individualized treatment plan that will assist the individual with their full recovery.

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If you struggle with both acute psychiatric symptoms and substance use issues, we will provide a secure place to help stabilize both issues in a clinical setting. Our team will assist by helping you understand both issues, and manage your symptoms.

The Co-Occurring Disorder program is specially designed to recognize and meet your individualized needs and provide a place where both issues are understood. We want to provide the support and skills so you can make recovery a reality.

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The adult outpatient programs at Summit Oaks Hospital consist of our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program.

Summit Oaks Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are designed as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. Adults may be admitted directly to PHP or stepped down from a higher level of care.

The adult psychiatric Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for people who want to maintain their everyday life but also need more intensive therapy. Services include mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, anger, chronic pain, mood disorders, impulsive behavior, and grief and loss.

Our drug and alcohol intensive outpatient programs (IOP) help adults needing treatment for substance use issues in a less restrictive environment.

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