Adult Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

If you are experiencing acute mental health problems, feel in crisis and at risk, Summit Oaks Hospital provides a safe environment, with 24 hour clinical supervision to help and support you.

Alternatively, if you have substance abuse issues that require medically managed detoxification, and need further short-term rehabilitation, we can help you on your way to recovery.

Our adult inpatient programs are comprehensive, therapeutic and intensive. We want to give each patient who walks through our doors for mental health treatment the best service possible during their stay with us. Your care at Summit Oaks is led by our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, masters-level clinicians, certified drug & alcohol and therapeutic counselors who will offer support for you each and everyday.

We offer the following Adult Inpatient Programs for ages 18 and older:

Although discouraged, smoking is permitted for those patients who are over the age of 18, are nicotine dependent and will experience withdrawal effects that will interfere with their treatment. A smoking cessation program is provided for those patients who wish to stop smoking. The hospital has an outdoor patient courtyard for smoking.

Contact Summit Oaks Hospital today to begin your journey, please give us a call at (800) 753-5223.


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